Sport Climbers Assembly Instructions

Assembly should be as shown.


1) Slide leg iron up into center leather on climber pad.

2) Feed top strap through top loops and upper leg iron loop.

3) It is helpful to use a table knife or flat blade screw driver to push strap through the loops.

4) The buckle should be on the same side as the ankle strap buckle.





Instructions for Sharpening Gaffs (Spikes) on Sport Climbers


1) Always use a fine tooth file. Never grind on a wheel, as you are likely to set up heat which will spoil the temper of the gaff and make it dangerous to use.


2) Set leg iron in smooth jaw vise with the gaff as shown in Figure 4, so that you can file from heel to point of gaff (See Figure 5). File towards point. Remove only enough material to make a good point. Never cross file. Remove any file marks by honing. Work honing stone in same direction as file.


3) Do not make a needle point. (See Figure 6).

Lay file flat across both sides of "V" spike at same time. The top ridge of "V"spike (see figure#5) must be perfectly straight and should not be filed. The final point is always in the top ridge of the spike.

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