Safety Precautions


Climbing Precautions


1) When it is necessary to have both hands free, or when climbing high use the sport climber climbing belt and safety lanyard.

2) Check sharpness of climber spikes before each climb. If necessary touch up with fine tooth file. See sharpening instructions.

3) Avoid dead trees or trees with loose bark.

4) Avoid trees which you cannot get a good grip with your hands on the bark.

5) Do not climb while taking drugs or alcohol.

6) Avoid climbing with excessive weight on your back. It is better to use a rope to pull your pack, bow or tools up to your perch once you have ascended the tree. Use the same procedure when descending from the tree.

7) Check straps for excessive wear or broken stitching before each climb.



Lanyard Safety Precautions


1) Never punch holes in the safety belt lanyard.

2) Never attach tools or material to the d-ring or lanyard. Tools or materials attached to the d-ring could prevent proper engagement of the snap hook or give a false indication of snap hook engagement.

3) When climbing do not fasten a hand line directly to the body belt, lanyard or d-ring. With a hand line fastened to the belt you could be pulled off the tree if the hand line should be caught on an obstruction. To allow the hand line to be pulled free of you if it should get caught, form the end of the hand line into a loop and tuck the loop under the belt at your side or back so as not to interfere with climbing.

4) When wearing the safety belt/lanyard, the lanyard, when not in use, should be tucked into the camo pouch provided.

5) Do not store the safety belt with the sport climbers or sharp tools in order to avoid cutting or abrading the belt.

6) Inspect the belt each time before use for broken stitching, cuts or tears that would affect the strength. Check the snap hook latch and d-ring for cracks or defects. If the belt, stitching or any part are suspect, have them repaired or discard. You cannot afford to get hurt.

Limited Warranty

All Sport Climbers, safety belts, and systems are manufactured of top quality components suited for long service under the recreational conditions they were designed for. All welds, metal parts, webbing and stitching are guaranteed for one year to the original purchaser. Should this product fail to live up to the purchaser's expectations, manufacturer will make a full refund if returned complete within 30 days after purchase.*

Purchaser and users of Sport Climbers and/or the safety belt/lanyard or System 1 assume and understand that climbing trees isa hazardous sport and that type of tree, size, age, condition of bark, personal strength and ability, sharpness and condition of spike, and condition of straps and stitching, belts and buckles all come into play to safely and successfully climb using Sport Climbers. Purchaser recognizes and accepts the risks that are inherent in tree climbing and assumes all responsibility for inspection and maintenance of sport climber and/or the safety belt, and assumes all responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage to personal property that may occur from use of Sport Climbers, the safety belt or System 1. Inspection of clmbers and safety belts are the user's responsibility before each climb.

All warranties are void when used in commerce or rental.

*returns should be made to the dealer they were purchased from.

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WARNING: Not a toy. May cause serious or fatal injury. Read instructions carefully before using. Keep out of reach of children. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for maintenance and safe use of this product.

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