Stalker Shield Assembly Instructions

Each Kit Includes:

1 Mirror Screen

4 Fiberglass Rods ( Carbon Rods for 40"x 67" )

4 Rod Ends

1 Knit Sock

Olive Carrying Tube

Handle with Button Tie

2 Tent Pegs

Shock Cord

Instruction Sheet


Assembly Instructions


1) Put one rod end cap on each rod. Insert other end of rods into black handle.


2) Remove screen from tube and hook one grommet reinforced hole on each corner over the rod end hooks. The grommet patch should be on the back side of the screen.


3) After hooking three corners it will be necessary to bend (flex) the last rod to insert the last hook into the last corner grommet.

Take caution to release the tension on the bent rod gradually to avoid tearing the hole out of the corner of the screen.


4) Your screen is now assembled and ready to use. Use the carrying tube as a leg to hold the screen up on it's own. In windy situations use the shock cord and tent pegs to anchor the shield to the ground.


5) When positioning the screen on the ground always take into account the angle and position of the sun in relation to the screen. For best results the screen should be angled down slightly toward the ground to prevent reflection of the sun or sky. In general it is best to have the sun at your side if possible. You will find there are many ways to successfully use the Stalker Shield. Stalking takes practice but you will find it is easy once you try it a few times. Check out Mike Slinkards successful Antelope hunt for important insights. Send us your stories to share.


Helpful Hints


1) Scratches in the screen will not effect it the Stalker Shield performance. If you were shaving in the screen you would notice the scratches, but at the distances the screen is used in the field, the scratches are not visible and will only look like the ground cover.


2) Small shooting or viewing windows can be added to the screen. Careful consideration should be given before making this permanent change to your screen. If you cut a hole in the screen, make rounded holes to avoid tearing at the corners. To create a viewing window without cutting a hole, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a cotton swab or soft cloth, and rub off the mirror finish on both sides. You will have a clear window to look through.


3) It really is possible to misplace your shield. It will disappear when used properly. You may wish to flag your shield if you plan to walk away from it. Always use viable markers (tape, flagging, fabric) when in the presence of other hunters.


4) Check local regulations for restrictions on the use of camouflage and hunting blinds.


5) On sunny days, position yourself so the sun is to your right or left. With the sun behind you, your screen will duplicate its' own shadow and appear darker than your surroundings.


Cleaning & Storage


DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN THE IMAGE SCREEN WITH ANY CLEANSERS. To clean use only water. finger prints and scratches will not effect your screens' performance. If you put the screen away wet, it may become permanently spotted and cloudy.


Excessive heat while the screen is stored in the tube can warp or discolor the screen. Store in cool dry place.


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WARNING: Not a toy. May cause serious or fatal injury. Read instructions carefully before using. Keep out of reach of children. Purchaser assumes all responsibility for maintenance and safe use of this product.

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